Total Compensation Strategy

You want to attract, motivate and retain employees that will make your business successful &mdash and it's essential to spend compensation dollars wisely. Before developing and administering specific compensation programs it is important to have a strong total compensation strategy that aligns with your business strategy. We can help you think through these issues:
  • What is our competition for the people we want to hire?
  • Will we focus on salary, bonus plans tied to performance, equity in the business, our benefit package?
  • How will we position ourselves in our pay market — middle of the market, above average?
  • How can we be sure that our pay programs support our business plans and our culture?
  • How does our stage of development and pace of change influence the pay strategy?
  • How do we make sure pay programs work for employees, management and our shareholders?
Contact Compensation Clarity for help in developing a strategy that is right for your situation.
"I have worked with Judy Thompson of Compensation Clarity for several years. Judy initially helped me create a business strategy and long-range goals for company growth. She then developed compensation plans that support my business goals and motivate our employees. I can always count on Judy to provide clear and effective compensation advice."

— Cathy Searby | CEO, Palo Alto Staffing Services